Welcome To VizZle Basics

Courtney and Mary Pat have put together this VizZle Basics video series especially for you.
These videos show you the basics of how to navigate VizZle, set up your students, and how to find and play lessons. Get an overview of the student player and see how VizZle automatically collects data.

Pick a video below to get started!

VizZle Introduction

What is VizZle? Watch this to learn what VizZle is and what it can do in your classroom.

Length: 9:06

Accessing VizZle

Learn how to access VizZle as a student and teacher.

Length: 3:20

Adding Students to VizZle

How to build your student roster. This is a must for student access to VizZle Player and automatic data collection.

Length: 4:18

Creating IEP Folders and Allowing Student Access

See how to create goal and objective folders for data collection and creating filtered reports.
Length: 5:25

VizZle's Lesson Templates Overview

Get a brief overview of all the different templates that VizZle lessons can contain.

Length: 6:43

Searching the Library and Assigning Lessons

Search VizZle's Library to find and assign lessons to your students.
Length: 5:29

VizZle Player

Learn how to access VizZle Player as a student and teacher.

Length: 3:18

Viewing Data in Report

See how VizZle collects meaningful data automatically. View, filter, and print that data for inclusion in reports.
Length: 5:54

Editing Existing VizZle Lessons

Be shown how to use VizZle Create to edit existing lessons. Adding audio, choosing difficulty level, wrong answer prompting, and end of activity reward are all covered.

Length: 9:30

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