Anthony Gerke | Executive Vice President of Sales and Professional Services and Account Executive
Meet Anthony: Anthony leads the field operations and started with MTT as an implementation specialist (trainer). Before joining MTT he was the director of education at the Autism Academy of Learning in Toledo, Ohio. He has extensive experience using visual and technological solutions to serve individuals with a variety of disabilities. Anthony has presented at numerous regional and national shows for education technology and practices. He earned a bachelor’s in elementary and special education from St. Bonaventure University (NY).
Interests: Anthony enjoys cooking, gardening and most of all spending time with his wife, son and growing family.
Something Most People Don’t Know: Anthony played underwater hockey in high school and once competed in an international tournament representing the U.S. in the junior division. | (800) 593-1934 ext. 305


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Lauren Stafford | Vice President, Research and Instructional Design and Account Manager
Meet Lauren: Lauren is the currently the vice president of research and instructional design for Monarch Teaching Technologies. She is a former intervention specialist and special education coordinator, working in the field of Autism and special education for 20 years. As part of the conceptual team for VizZle, she has worked for over a decade bringing the voices of parents, teachers and specialists to support product development, content creation, research and professional development to MTT.
Interests: Kids, cooking and volunteer work in her local school district keep Lauren busy in her downtime. Technology and education always seem to peek around the corner to keep things interesting and exciting for the family! | (800) 593-1934 ext. 314



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Carly Smith | Account Manager
Meet Carly: Carly has a master’s in teaching – severe and profound disabilities from Western Carolina University. The beginning of her career was spent working in the mental health field as a case manager for adults and children who needed support to become more independent members of the community. This experience led Carly to her true passion, special education. She has taught in primary and secondary self-contained, resource and inclusion classrooms. Carly is an advocate for technology use and integration in special education environments.
Interests: Carly enjoys camping, hiking, reading books, singing and improv comedy.
Something Most People Don’t Know: Carly was born on her mom’s birthday and also claims to be the “best present” her mom has ever received. | (800) 593-1934 ext. 304



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Courtney Monastra | Account Manager
Meet Courtney: Courtney taught in Cleveland suburbs for eight years in moderate-intensive needs special education classrooms. Working in these classrooms with students needing support in many areas brought her to love technology. Technology is what she used to motivate, differentiate and engage students. She used VizZle in her own classroom for three years prior to changing career paths to teaching teachers rather than kids! She has always had a strong passion for working with kids since she was in elementary school, especially ones with special needs. Her most favorite part of teaching is being able to play and be silly all while learning!
Interests: When not working Courtney spends most of her time with her family who she loves doing anything with. She has a spitfire girl, Macie, and a wild child boy, Jax. Her gift is her ability to be social with ANYONE, and she enjoys laughing AT ALL TIMES!
Something Most People Don’t Know: Courtney has webbed feet… so she doesn’t have a future as a foot model! | (800) 593-1934 ext. 308


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Mary Pat Martin | Account Manager
Meet Mary Pat: Mary Pat has enjoyed a range of experience in the field of education from toddlers through adult education within both regular and special education classrooms. Her students have provided insight into a variety of learning styles and have helped drive her passion to develop and utilize needed supports to aid in their success.
Interests: Mary Pat loves spending time with her family (including her dog, Sophie) and friends, as well as partaking in photography and scrapbooking.
Something Most People Don’t Know: Mary Pat would love to be able to take a year off and follow James Taylor around the globe, seeing every one of his shows. | (800) 593-1934 ext. 316



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Joseph Mutidjo | VizZle Support
Meet Joseph: Whether it’s getting teachers logged in for the first time, troubleshooting technical issues or answering questions on how features work, Joseph is here to help our customers have a rewarding experience with VizZle.
Interests: Lately Joseph has been enjoying fishing by the shore, though not catching much!
Something Most People Don’t Know: He spent a beautiful summer in Eugene, Oregon studying spoken Indonesian. | (800) 593-1934 ext. 325