Welcome to Vizzle NextGen Video Training

Watch the training videos to learn how to navigate and utilize new features in Vizzle NextGen. Pick a video below to get started!

Vizzle NextGen Introduction

Vizzle is redesigned and easier-to-use with an all new look, brand new features and increased functionality. Learn to search for lessons, add students, assign lessons and personalize the student portal.

If you’re a current Vizzle user, just use your same username and password to log into Vizzle NextGen: https://nextgen.govizzle.com

Vizzle NextGen Text-to-Speech

Vizzle is now even more accessible to each and every student. You can now have any Vizzle lesson automatically read aloud with our Text-to-Speech feature.

Vizzle NextGen Switch Accessibility

Students with limited mobility or moderate to severe disabilities can now play interactive lessons, games and activities using Switch Access.

Vizzle NextGen Self-Select Theme

Give students more control over their Vizzle experience. Students can choose the lesson they want to play when they want to play it using the Self-Select Theme.

Vizzle NextGen Printing Student Usernames and Resetting Passwords

Keep track of your student login information. Print out your students’ usernames for quick, easy access and learn how to reset student passwords in Vizzle NextGen.

Vizzle NextGen Adding Students and Building Your Roster

With Vizzle NextGen, adding students and building your classroom roster is quick and easy. Simply navigate to the My Students panel and add students from your school or district. Then move students to your personal roster to easily assign lessons and track student data.

Vizzle NextGen Tagging Lessons for Student Education Plan

Filter lesson play data for a student based on IEP goal, objective or skill by tagging lessons in Vizzle NextGen.

Vizzle NextGen Student Accessibility

Manage which lessons are accessible or available to students using the Student Accessibility function. It’s easy as a click of a button!

Vizzle NextGen Printing Lessons

Printing Vizzle lessons is easy. Take any interactive lesson from our Vizzle Library and turn them into tabletop activities for your students.

Vizzle NextGen Tracking Student Data

Use Vizzle NextGen to play interactive lessons and automatically collect student data aligned to IEP goals and objectives.

Vizzle NextGen Play Preferences and Student Login

Customize your students’ learning experience by setting personal play preferences with Vizzle NextGen. Have student’s log into their student profile and let them play lessons with preferences and themes set to their unique needs and interests.

Vizzle NextGen Tagging Lessons on My List

Organize your saved lessons in My List by more than subjects or skills with Lesson Tags. By using Lesson Tags in My List, you can quickly isolate a specific group of lessons.

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