Success Stories

School districts across the country are transforming their classrooms, increasing student achievement and tracking student data to IEP goals with Vizzle. Educators can immediately view and record student data to make better assessments of individual needs and objectives by using Vizzle.

Duval County Public Schools

The goal of any educator is to provide support for their students in a way that will inspire learning and personal growth. However, with a shortage of learning tools for students with special needs, many educators are challenged with supporting the unique needs of their students within and beyond the classroom…

Napa Valley Unified School District

Due to the district’s unique geographical makeup, Napa Valley relies on technology to keep teachers and administrators connected across the district. “Vizzle gives us the ability to see how teachers and students are interacting and to monitor their progress over time. With Vizzle’s data, we’re able to see who needs support so that we can provide assistance in a more strategic manner,” said Ricetti…

Minneapolis Public Schools

Using Vizzle, teachers can assign interactive, highly visual lessons, games and activities to students. As students work through assignments, lesson plays, completion time and scores are automatically recorded and tracked to individual IEP goals and objectives. Now 5 years later, Vizzle is an integral part of the Minneapolis Public Schools’ special education program…


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