Software Based On Visual Learning Research

VizZle was designed in collaboration with educators at The Monarch Center for Autism in Shaker Heights, Ohio and researchers from Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

The continued dedication of the Monarch Center staff as well as contributions from countless educators across the country allows ongoing growth of VizZle’s content and a broader solution for special education.


VizZle is founded on solid, research-based principles

  • Our software addresses 19 of the 24 evidence-based approaches that have shown to be effective through scientific research
  • Compelling research shows the benefits of visual learning for those with autism and other special needs


“VizZle has enabled Minneapolis to provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum founded on evidence-based instruction and evaluation that is necessary to reach high levels of student achievement. It has provided us with a flexible and effective framework in which instructional goals, methods, materials and assessments meet all students’ needs and can be adjusted as needed.”

– Ann Fox, (Retired) Director of Special Education Programs, Minneapolis Public Schools

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