Vizzle’s Library is Full of Ready-To-Use Lessons

To be more specific, we offer more than 15,000 lessons. They are peer-reviewed, interactive and feature partner-created content, including Unique Learning Systems and Star Autism Support.

We also give you the tools to instantly personalize these lessons to each of your students. Vizzle is perfect for all your classroom settings: group, individual and even inclusion settings can benefit.


 Use our lesson library to:

  • Functionally increase teacher-student ratio by engaging students and allowing for more individual attention during group work time
  • Find the ideal support for any subject or state standard and assign it to any student
  • Search for scaffolded lessons for every stage of academics, including transitioning out of the classroom

“I was able to use VizZle to document our field trips and daily lessons using technology, pictures and video and able to create books for students to read and learn about community awareness as well as social skill development. The students really enjoyed reading books that included themselves in the content and it played a real role in the learning experiences.”

– Princess Shepard, Cleveland Metro School District

VizZle gives you the tools to personalize and differentiate for each student!

  • Automatically personalize lessons for each student’s individual learning style
  • Set up specific IEP goals and objectives to each student


Use VizZle to help increase the home-school connection!

  • Assign lessons to IEP goals and objectives to be played from home
  • Reinforce skills at home and over breaks
  • Continue to contribute to collected data even when played from home

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