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Research has shown that individualized visual learning is the most effective strategy for improving outcomes and behavior in the classroom for students with autism and other special education needs.

VizZle provides interactive, web-based lessons that both support and enhance the learning experience for students. School licenses allow teachers to select from over 15,000 lessons, edit them for your child’s specific needs and record IEP progress in real-time as he or she completes activities. VizZle’s personalized visual curriculum affords your child the opportunity to improve their engagement, behavior, motivation and social skills inside and outside of the classroom.


Key Features:

  • Allows students to work through modified lessons in group, one-on-one and general education inclusion settings, as well as at home
  • Every aspect of every lesson is completely customizable so that educators can meet the unique needs of your child—from sounds and imagery to the lesson content itself
  • Cloud technology allows your child to work on any device with internet — from laptops, iPads or tablets to interactive whiteboards and classroom computer labs
  • Reinforces skills at home and over breaks in addition to strengthening the home-school connection
  • Students build independence as they work through activities on their own
  • Real-time data collection on every lesson play—at school and at home— allows you and educators to track your child’s progress and ensure they are on track to achieve his or her IEP goals and objectives

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