For Administrators

Research proves that customized visual supports improve outcomes and behavior in the classroom for your students with autism and other special education needs. However, traditional visual language lessons and supports are cumbersome to create, difficult to share and hard to track.

VizZle can provide the data tracking you need, and the content your team needs, in one seamless package.

VizZle provides your team a library of more than 15,000 ready-to-use lessons, easy to access and personalize for each student. VizZle empowers educators to deliver lessons that improve engagement, behavior, motivation and social skills.


Key Features:

  • Founded on solid, research-based principles
  • Easy-to-use and provides plenty of support and professional development resources
  • Cloud technology allows students to work on any device with internet — from laptops, iPads or tablets to interactive whiteboards and classroom computer labs
  • Ensures teachers are prepared to deliver instruction whenever and however it’s needed
  • Lessons that support state standards and are adaptable to your chosen curriculum
  • The ability to differentiate lessons for each student’s unique learning style in minutes
  • Real-time data collection on every lesson play and the ability to export for inclusion in IEP reporting—increasing accountability without increasing an educator’s workload
  • Centralizes lesson materials to increase efficiency and collaborations while decreasing the amount of time spent in multiple books/websites

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