Being Active and VizZle Go Hand-in-Hand
February 13, 2017
Vizzle Receives Endorsement from Council of Administrators of Special Education
June 9, 2017

You thought we looked good before… wait until you see us now!

Now this makeover wasn’t just for us, in fact, it was all about you. We saw what you found useful with VizZle, we listened to your feedback, and we completed our makeover based on what you like. While we will do our best to tell you what we think is great, these new features are something you have to experience to really understand.

So what all have we revamped?

  • More Lessons

We heard you loud and clear when you said VizZle lessons have had a positive impact on the way you teach, so we are just continuing to add more lessons for you to share with your students. Our peer-reviewed and interactive lessons continue to include STAAR Alternate 2, Unique Learning Systems and Star Autism Support. And if you ever thought there were TOO many lessons to organize (not possible, right?), we now have lesson recommendations and student assignment tools!

  • More Personalization

While you have been asking for more personalization, we have to say we are pretty pleased with this part of our makeover. We have added a teacher-driven student profile where all YOU have to do is set profiles once, and EVERY lesson will instantly personalize to each of your students. VizZle now lets you easily have one-on-one interaction with every student, something that’s hard for any teacher to do.

  • More Data

Who doesn’t want a software that helps them with their more “mundane” tasks? For teachers, that’s data collections. Numbers are important, but you are probably more focused on the actual task of teaching. Luckily, VizZle’s makeover includes instantaneous data collection, measuring your data directly against IEP goals and objects. The best part? There’s no data entry necessary!

Didn’t think it could get better? It does! You can now access VizZle from laptops, Chromebooks, interactive whiteboards, iPads and Android tablets. With all of these new features, we knew you would want to be able to access VizZle anywhere, anytime.

We can talk about our new look all day, but it’s something you have to see for yourself. Luckily, the new VizZle is now available for pilots and new trials, and existing VizZle users can move over to this new version in April 2017.

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