A Library of More Than 15,000 Peer-Reviewed, Interactive Lessons

Instant Personalization

Teacher-driven student profiles with gamified progress pages and animated reinforcers to motivate and engage students.

Student Success

Automatically collect data as students work through assigned lessons, recording lesson plays, completion time and scores.

Play Any Time

Reinforce learned skills or concepts outside of the classroom, at home or over breaks using any tablet or computer.

Live Support

Dedicated, knowledgeable support staff available by chat, phone and email to support your team, students and district.

Easy-to-use, even easier to navigate

Vizzle is designed with educators and administrators in mind. Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find and assign lessons aligned to state standards. Compare student lesson play data against individual IEP goals and objectives with the click of a button.

More features, more student accessibility

Vizzle offers features and functionality to drive your students’ success, in and out of the classroom. The Text-to-Speech function offers an automated reading of all text in any of our 15,000+ lessons. Compatible with Switch Access, Vizzle can be used by students with limited mobility or motor function.

Save time with smart search

With thousands of lessons at your fingertips, it is easy to find the lessons you need with Vizzle’s smart search features. Pick from the continually growing Vizzle lesson library or pull from our ULS Curriculum library for more specific standards-based lessons, games and activities.

For Administrators

Vizzle’s lessons support state standards and are adaptable to your chosen curriculum, providing the content your team needs in one seamless package.

For Teachers

Vizzle allows you to deliver individualized lessons aigned to IEP goals and objectives. Student data is automatically collected and can be used to report on every students’ progress.

For Parents

Vizzle’s personalized profile provides an engaging, interactive tool specifically tailored to meet your child’s specific learning needs. Access at any time and reinforce learned skills or concepts outside of the classroom.

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